Coming July 2016

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About Hover Havoc

Hover Havoc is a local arena brawler knockout game in which up to four players use their collected power ups and abilities to knock other players out of the arena.

The game currently features hovercrafts that can be battled against each other, gaining points for each knockout and the person with the most knockouts wins the round.

The game plays in a fun arcade style without incentive to save the history of people’s scores or create a form of highscores. The theme of the game is seen as a TV show where multiple vehicles fight each other in an arena that features obstacles and traps.

Power Ups

  • Rocket Power Up


    Makes things go boom!

  • Mchine Gun Power Up

    Machine Gun

    Chigga Chigga Chigun!

  • Speed Bost

    Speed Boost

    Gotta Go Fast!

  • Boxing Glove Power

    Boxing Glove

    Get Sucker Punched!

  • Drop The Mine


    Don't stand close!

  • Monkey Power Up


    Clashes HARD!

  • Shield Power Up


    Use Protection!

  • Stun Gun Power Up

    Stun Gun

    Get Zapped!

  • Tesla Coil Power Up

    Tesla Coil

    Stalls your engine!


  • Heavy Hovercraft

    Heavy Craft

    Heavy Hovercraft Stats
  • Basic Hovercraft

    Hover Craft

    Basic Hovercraft Stats
  • Muscle Hovercraft

    Muscle Craft

    Muscle Hovercraft Stats
  • Sports Hovercraft

    Sports Craft

    Sports Hovercraft Stats



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Created By

Liam Forde Jake Brown Will Savin Maxim Zazulak Steven Hunter
Marcus Nichols Daniel Schofield Parampal Singh Nick Chilvers